Saturday, 24 November 2012

Fashion and you

Fashion is concerned with the outward look or image that we project which is oftentimes the result of our dressing i.e. clothing, hairstyle and such like. However, every individual has a unique and innate sense of style peculiar to him/her. In essence, style is an expression of your personality.
Fashion trends are decided and dictated by a few, namely designers and fashion houses and celebrities. Unfortunately, not all trends are suitable for everyone. The challenge now is how to dress trendy  without looking outdated and feeling outmoded. That a particular item or look is “trending” or in vogue does not automatically mean it’s for you. To look stylish and fashionable without being a slave to trends, its imperative that you have a very good understanding and appreciation of  your body structure and personality. Why? Body structure is to help you determine what looks good on you and what image you’ll project, and personality to help you determine what you’ll be comfortable and confident in.

                           BODY STRUCTURES AND TRENDS     
Ø Tall and Slim Stature: these people are oftentimes described as “willowy” or “lanky” depending on sex. For such statures, clothes with predominantly vertical stripes should be avoided as it further gives the illusion of height. Outfits should be chosen such that they cut the length in two i.e. a top in one colour and the bottoms in another colour. This balances out the height. When stripes are to be worn, diagonal stripes are better. Loose clothing and free flowing dresses (for ladies) are also suitable. As well as bold prints and patterns if well worn as they give an illusion of fullness.
Ø  Small and Slim Statures: these people are often described as “petite”. For such people, they ought to avoid undersized and oversized clothing. All outfits should be of correct size and must be well fitted. Clothes with busy patterns and excessive embroidery(i.e. frills, ruffles, oversized collars and such like) should also be avoided as they tend to overwhelm. Mild/medium sized patterns that are not too busy or overwhelming are great, as well as checkered materials. Though care must be taken to avoid looking like a child. Vertical and diagonal stripes are also  suitable as they give the illusion of height. Pants should sit directly on the waist and are not to hang or sag.

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