Monday, 26 November 2012

Colour blend


         The colours of clothing worn by people is to a large extent determined  by personality and sometimes jobs. There are some basic clothing and colours found in every person’s closet/wardrobe regardless of your job type or station in life. These colours include black, white and brown in its various shades. These colors are quite professional, easy to mix with other colours and great when worn alone. The only catch is the tendency to get stuck in them with a fear of bright colors. This results in a dull and boring wardrobe. To break out of this rut, it is imperative to add colourful item to your closet for variability and versatility. To do this however, caution must be observed although the process ought to be fun.
          First, decide what colour you would like to add to your closet. It’s best to start with one colour at a time and a maximum of two. Do not add more than 2 colors at a time so you don’t spend so much on a color you may not wear eventually.
Next, buy small items of that colour. Start with accessories such for a lady and a tie with pocket squares or cufflinks for a man. This is for you to try out the colour to see how well you like it and how well it suits you.

         Then, you can move on to buying larger items of the same color such as tops, pullovers, shoes and bags and others.In a short time, say 2 to 3 months, there should be a noticeable/sizeable increase of the desired colour in your closet. This way, you can add several colours to your wardrobe in a year without spending so much and breaking the bank. 
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